Here is what they are saying about Scott:

“Fabulous Faust!  I am deliriously happy with my high/lowlights and keratin treatment carried out by Scott and Phil respectively (2 different appointments).  I highly recommend their artistry, professionalism and thoroughly enjoyed our fun banter of shared favorite locales in NOLA.  All in all a terrific experience with beautiful results….” Kristin

“This place is amazing! I have been going to Scott for 20+ years. They always do a nice job with my hair. My daughter has gone to several of his stylists for prom updo’s and for color. She has always been satisfied. I have tried to dye her hair twice on my own have ended up back at the salon for them to fix it! Great atmosphere and good customer service.” Lynn

“Scott always does a great job on my hair. I highly recommend him. “ Patty

“I made an appointment for a color and cut.  My hairdresser back home had given me the color dyes she uses and told me to ask for a senior stylist.  I asked for Scott since he owned the salon.  Well, I have hard to manage hair but the cut was the best I’ve ever had and the color was perfect. Scott was very friendly as was everyone else in the salon.  It was a fantastic experience, especially since I was not going to be a “regular” customer and they knew it.  I am very fussy, but highly recommend this salon. “ Elaine

“I don’t have a difficult hair style, but somehow people never get it quite right. Perhaps they figure it’ll be easy and don’t focus. Who knows. Anyway, when I saw a great promo offered around Valentine’s Day, I umm-ed and ahh-ed about trying a new place (the devil you know and all that), but finally took the plunge. The offer was too good, and well, it was only one cut. I booked an appointment with Scott and was SO happy I did. The cut was spot on, the styling good, the products … very nice, the complimentary San Pelligrino delicious… and Scott is delightful. Not just an extremely talented cutter, he is also has a great personality and is a charming conversationalist. VERY happy to recommend Scott and Faust.” Cathryn

“Scott has been cutting my hair for years. … He is a master with hair. Recently my hair thinned unexpectedly. While I was extremely stressed, Scott patiently helped me find a new style. He also coached me on supplements and products to encourage new growth. Finally, he’s a really nice guy and fun to talk to.” DH

“I have always been afraid to get my hair cut because I’ve had really bad experiences in the past. It didn’t matter how much I paid, I seemed to end up with some haircut that didn’t look anything like the pic I brought in. Enter Faust Salon. I dropped in unannounced at about 8:30pm for a consultation with one of the co-owners, Scott. I tell him my situation and my misgivings. He assures me with confidence and an adorable smile that he will not screw up my hair and it will look like the pic. He even tells me he will help me style it in front of him if I need help getting it down. Of course I make an appointment with him, and about a month later (he is constantly booked so get your appointment in early!) I bring in my computer printed photo and he cuts my hair like a freakin’ pro! All the while, we’re just chatting away. He’s a pleasure to have cut your hair because he’s so warm and friendly. Anyway, my experience was absolutely fabulous! You can see from my main photo what the hair cut looks like. Ok, so the down side is you will pay A LOT for the haircut and tip (you HAVE to tip this great guy well. He deserves it!), but there is no doubt in my mind that he is worth it. They also do makeup here if that interests you but I haven’t tried it out. Overall I would say that if you have the dough, get your dream haircut done here!” Shannon